Commercial Services

Commercial Property
GCA offers services to assist in the sale and purchase of business premises including offices, shops and factories.

This may involve granting (to a tenant) or taking (from a landlord) a lease of commercial premises, together with assisting with the legal minefield that involves renewal, rent reviews, dilapidations, surrendering and terminating a lease and the many obligations normally taken on by a tenant of business premises. We take the headache out of these situations and provide you with a relatively stress free experience.

Land Development
If you are thinking of trying your hand at land development or are currently a land developer, we can help you with any problems or advice that you may require.

We also offer advice on related areas such as overage agreements, town and country planning issues and insurance. In relation to developments, we make sure that the builders are aware of the everyday pitfalls and the appropriate actions to take, for example over diverting roads and rights of way. We provide a full and impartial service that is competitive and qualitative.

Setting up in business
If you are unsure as to whether you wish to trade as a partnership, company or on your own, then we can advise you and help you decide which route is best for you given your current circumstances.

Incorporating and forming a company
Whether you are buying or selling a company or companies and businesses, we can help, from the decision to purchase or sell, right through to completion. We advise on the setting up of limited companies, including the contents of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and shareholders agreements. We also provide general company advice together with ongoing support to businesses to comply with all aspects of company law including company secretarial requirements

Setting up a partnership? We advise on the rights and responsibilities that go with partnership, together with advice on the more recent concept of limited liability partnerships. It is highly recommended that, no matter how friendly and informal the working relationship, you have a written agreement in place, setting out the partners’ roles and responsibilities. We can assist you in the preparation of partnership agreements for new and existing businesses without compromising a good working relationship.

Management and administration
We can guide you regarding the management and administration of company affairs, including directors’ and employee service contracts and the responsibilities and liabilities of a company and its directors.

Shareholders' agreements
Another aspect that is often taken for granted is the need for a shareholder agreement. It is an essential element for the running of an efficient business especially when attempting to secure further investment. As with any relationship, the aims and objectives of the shareholders and company can vary over time and when this happens, disputes often occur. The written shareholder agreement allows the parties to have certainty at all times and allows for disputes to be determined in a more straightforward manner. It may even prevent such disputes from occurring at all.

Share sales or purchases including mergers, acquisitions, sales and take-overs
At first glance, the sale of shares between individuals or corporate bodies may appear simple and straightforward. However, there are numerous important issues that should be addressed in a written agreement. These can include the method of hand over, tranche payments and the use of indemnities. It is necessary to encompass all aspects of the deal in a binding agreement so as to avoid the potentially difficult task of enforcement where payments are missed or promises are broken.

General business matters

We can assist with all of the following:

  • Asset sales and purchases
  • Transfers of businesses
  • Franchise agreements
  • Preparing partnership agreements or other contractual arrangements between the owners of a business
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Sales and purchasing contracts
    Whether drafting a seller or supplier’s standard terms and conditions, drafting a bespoke agreement or providing advice on an agreement provided by another party, we can help. We advise on commercial contracts such as agency, distribution and franchise agreements and their enforcement.
  • Terms of business